Ananri Aldem-Ze, Grinasheem swordmaiden.
Today, I thought of introducing you to one of my new characters in my upcoming book, Sons of the Trident, Book 1 of the Trident Trilogy.
This beauty is Ananri Aldem-Ze, a young swordmaiden from the realm of Laan, a land ruled by a ruthless mercenary warlord. Ananri is a Grinasheem, a gray-eyed human race who bear several unique gifts. Their characteristic eye color is found only in Grinasheem, and none other. Being a Grinasheem, Ananri is able to perform two special abilities: rapid healing and camouflage. Although you may wound this warrior in battle, she can heal 10x faster than normal humans. Cool, huh? And, she can morph partially or completely into an object and take its form to hide in. She cannot travel "in" the object, but her skills make her nearly undetectable. On occasion, if the skill is developed enough, Ananri can hold onto one other person and hide them in the object as well.

As a person, Ananri was brought up in a loving family, including three siblings. She is a follower of Sovereign (God), as all Grinasheem are. Proper in her mannerisms and etiquette, she is well-spoken, educated, articulate, and wise. When she puts her mind to something, she is committed to the fullest. Gain her trust, and you have a friend for life. Hurt her family, and you won't live long enough to make a choice. Why? Grinasheem are skilled warriors. Yet Ananri goes above and beyond the normal combat abilities: she is trained by her father, a Weaponsmaster. When in battle, she prefers to wield two Laan scimitars.

While most characters use their beauty or strengths to manipulate or deceive others to gain their own goals and interests, Ananri does not. From the lowly beggar to an orphaned child to a handsome prince, Ananri treats them equal and with kindness.It was fun using this female as one of my main characters. She was different from E'Umae or Eriss in the Relics of Nanthara trilogy. She ended up being a great pillar of strength for Naltharion (the prince) to lean on and trust in. Ananri may come across as calm, perhaps a bit timid, but don't push her. She is not afraid to tell a noble off or stand up to cutthroat brigands threatening her. 

The neat thing about her name was that I did not create it: my son did. One day he said, "Hey dad, I got a cool name for your next book. Ananri." Truly, it was before I began writing the Trident Trilogy.

There are several secrets about Ananri I will not reveal at this time. I kinda want you guys to find out for yourselves when the books are released. The website is about complete and I will post it soon. Well, that's all for now.Remember, check out my other websites and see what is up and coming.

Take care,Nick


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