Hey all, Today, I figured on posting a bit about my newest project. It's a YA fantasy taking place in my world of Nanthara. For now, it is being called The Trident Trilogy. The first book is entitled "The Sons of the Trident"; Book 2 is "Revenge of the Darkwitch"; Book 3 is named "Vindication". These are WIP's and I am currently on Chapter 29 of the first draft of book 1. 

      The stories take place years before the Great War of the Relics, my first trilogy. A Darkwitch seeking revenge and power sets a trap against the realm she resides in by having three sons. Her plans are, once matured, to bring them into power before raising war and claiming what she desires. Instead, a paladin escapes her keep to report the birth of her offspring, and dies in the process. As her initial plans are thwarted, she escapes and sends her sons to be raised by darkhearted rulers within the realm in secrecy. Only two reach their destination; the third is found along the road by Ganethin's ruling family, his riders having been killed, and is raised as one of their own. Upon reaching the age of 18, things happen to Naltharion. Frightful dreams and haunting visions bombard the prince, causing him to question the strange events. Once the truth of his identity is revealed, a struggle for his soul between the forces of light and dark rages as his kingdom is cast into a bloody war. Will Naltharion remain true to his beliefs, or will he be tainted by evil and become the wicked ruler the Darkwitch was promised.

      The triology follows the prince's plight through this harrowing experience alongside his trustworthy companions: a witty and wise bard, and a beautiful Weaponsmaster, so far. There are other characters involved, but this is still a rough draft. Regardless, it is panning out into a neat story. Like all my fantasy based stories so far, they take place along the timeline in Nanthara with the Great War of the Relics serving as the focal point of reference. I plan on beginning a website on this, but not quite yet. I still have some work to do.
While I wait for my edits of Book 3, Dawn of the Apocalypse and book 1 of a sci-fi series: The Chronicles of Nuclear Fist-Darksoul, I will be working on finishing this trilogy while two other ideas, one already started, sits simmering on the back burner. That's all for now.Remember, feel free to contact me with any questions. (chiro49nct@hotmail.com).

Take care, Nick
12/7/2011 09:58:48 am

I wish I could dream about my characters like you do!


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