Folks, let’s be honest. Some of these stories we hear about through the media, books, and even the classroom goes beyond words or description in believability. Many times, it goes beyond human comprehension. There’s no way that happened! Impossible! Someone made it up!

            Well, there’s a good chance it was not made up, and if it was, it carries elements of truth. Which brings me to this short article today: look to real life for real ideas.

            I’ve sat at family gatherings, you know, the big Greek ones, and just enjoyed some of the stories shared of my grandparents upbringing. Those stories are swimming with ideas for the right person to come along and scribe something creative. One of my relatives shared the story of his grandfather with me. At first, it sounded like a Hollywood screenplay, but it was true through and through. Again, another great idea.

            The news is saturated with nuggets of information to spark interest in someone’s mind, and if you want to delve into something less credible and more ridiculous, read the tabloids. Absorbing the truth of these stories doesn’t mean you have to write exactly what was shared. You can twist some of the elements to venture off into a fictional novel of almost any genre. The finished product is up to you.

            So, this is short for today, but hopefully enough to get your brainstorming ideas charged. Also, my first novel, Relics of Nanthara: Secrets Revealed, is due out in paper by the end of April, 2012. Visit my website to snoop out what the trilogy is about.

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