What does sowing good seed mean? Well, it means to do good tasks to help others out without expecting them to pay you back. Trust me, it does have its rewards, in writing and in life. Let's be realistic, for a new author starting out writing their first novel, and then thinking of what to do next in entering the publication realm is a massive, daunting task. The overwhelming stress has forced many to quit their "dreams". But for those who persevere, it pays off. Now, our work in being an author should not stop once you are published or continue only to get another book done. We must "Spread the love". Share your knowledge and time with others beginning their writing venture. How? Donating your time with writing groups, contributing to blogs, answering questions authors have, working on a dilemma/writer's block a budding young writer may have, even sharing words of encouragement to those planning to give up. You never know, the one person you help may be the next King, Stein, or Salvatore. Helping others is a task that will come back to bless you. I experienced this personally. A year before my first novel was accepted, I gained the services of a freelance editor. Her parents were both published and educated and she had been writing for about twenty years, but none of her stories were accepted. At one point, I ran out of money to pay for my services. For the last several chapters and a bit more after, she wanted to help me "without pay". I told her that for her kindness, it would be her time to prosper next. Guess what? After she helped me complete my editing, she received a multiple book contract with a well-known publisher, and it has kept growing from there. So, if someone ever needs help, and you can contribute, do so. You never know if your kindness will unlock the block in your writing career and in life. Take care, Nick

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