How many of you have written or started writing a story knowing full well you would be expecting criticism and flak from others? Did you stick to your guns? I have. The novels I have written thus far began on one road before taking a slight detour along the road of improvement, enhancing the story despite disapproval and condemnation.

            From friends? Family? Fellow authors? Yep.

            In fact, my fellow author’s critiquing did nothing but help me. For some of my friends, they fussed when story elements had to be changed from its original conception. They worried more about themselves than the idea that a story coming to fruition that they had a part in.

            Did I deviate? Nope. Did I feel bad? Nope.

            What about those coming against the content of the story? Did I veer from my intended goals? Not at all. I knew there was a reason to write. I knew there was a reason I was blessed to write; to share an entertaining story to others with a message, especially YA. I was not going to conform to what others said just to appease them, and neither should you. If there is a reason deep in your heart to scribe, or paint, or sculpt, or speak. Our First Amendment rights give us the unique ability to write and speak on almost any subject in a variety of different methods. Some authors are calm as can be, writing children’s books and such, while others push the limit of what is allowed in print. The neat thing as an author, we can take topics considered taboo in certain societies and weave the concepts into a special world where ‘said’ topic becomes tolerable, readable, and at times educational.

            I guess the bottom line of this short blurb today is to not let anyone deter you from what is on your heart. Write what is given to you, the passion delving in your mind, the urgency to scribe into words feelings haunting you since day one. Like Nike says, just do it.

Take care,


deanna marie kinney
2/17/2012 12:35:21 pm

Nick, this is so true. I too have had to make the same choice and I do not regret it one bit. Life is too short to second guess ourselves. Just write what's on your heart and rest in it! Thanks for sharing.

2/20/2012 11:55:27 pm

Thank you my dear. This topic came to me almost in a flash. As you can tell, there was no time to edit, I just wrote.

2/18/2012 02:59:07 am

Thanks. Needed this today. :)

2/20/2012 11:57:04 pm

Your comment is why I post what I do and write what I write. Thank you for the feedback. If we can't lift each other up, then we fall into the muck we strive to avoid in this world. Glad I could help.


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